Ormond Beach, Florida:
Memorial Chopper to be unveiled during Biketober 2005: Fallen soldier PFC Brandon Sapp memorial chopper arrived at Choppers Inc. in Melbourne,Fl. on Wednesday. The custom built chopper was started by his father to keep his son's dream alive, but it was more than he could handle. He put out a call for help in completing the chopper and got a little more than he had expected. Chopper Kingpin Billy Lane of Choppers Inc. agreed to finishing the custom chopper. Biker-build off winner Billy Lane picked up the chopper from the home of John Sapp and will have the custom motorcycle completed for unveiling during Biketober at Destination Daytona.

Blood Sweat and Gears truck from Choppers inc with Brandon Sapp memorial chopper in back.

Daytona votes itself boss hog for Biketober  party: Hoping to take a bigger cut of the economic pie from biker events, the City Commission agreed unanimously Wednesday to host the party in Riverfront Park.


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